For Owners and Partners!


Make additional income by renting your strollers, car seats, carrycots, high chairs, bathing gear and any other baby equipment that’s just sitting in your closet and collecting dust!


The more equipment you list, the more money you can earn! Our members earn additional income by renting out their baby gear to other members and travelling families.

Renting your baby gear is totally flexible as you can set your own schedule and adjust the calendar when gear is available, where for the rest of time you set the gear as Unavailable and no one will be able to book it within that time frame.


How renting works?

After you register, click on List a New Product to start listing your products. Here you will provide a brief description, set pricing and photos for each product.


When someone books your product, your receive a notification via email with contact details from the client. After that, you contact the client and arrange meeting location or delivery.


After the rental is finished, you collect your baby gear from the client and receive payment for your service!


Total booking is done via and payment for partners is made once a month. Bebalino holds 15% commission from total amount of each sale.



Lots of parents just sell their equipment after they don't need it any more and get maybe 30% of their money back!

Renting baby equipment can be an excellent way to make additional income all year long and to return the initial cots your invested in your baby equipment. With brand new equipment, you can return your investment in full in just few weeks of renting!