We will be staying at multiple hotels during our stay. How can we notify you of this?

You may select a delivery hotel and a different return hotel. You can input the return address into the comment box at the checkout or send us an email after the payment. All the details regarding delivery and pick-up have to be arranged directly with the partner.

Where do you deliver baby gear?

Our partners deliver to hotels, airports, Airbnb addresses or any address within city area, but some restrictions may apply. If for some case, the delivery is not available on your address, you may also choose to pick up the baby gear in partners local address.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card is charged at the time your order is placed. A confirmation email is sent upon order placement.

I need to cancel my order. How do I do this?

Please email us at info@bebalino.com and let us know that you are cancelling your order. Cancellation policy for the applicable Listing will be applied as follows:

  • Full refund - min 72 hours before the start of rental period, except fees
  • 50%   refund -  48 hours before the start of rental period, except fees
  • 25%   refund -  24 hours before the start of rental period, except fees
  • No refund - less then 24 hours before the start of rental period

Do you charge a delivery fee?

Some of the listing may contain a delivery fee, but Bebalino does not charge it. In case that a listing contains a delivery fee, Clients have to arrange all the details directly with the Partner.

I have a problem with my stroller. How do I notify you?

For any problems regarding rented  Equipment please contact owner directly.

I sent an e-mail and why haven't I received a response?

We are working hard to reply as soon as possible. To make sure our e-mails are not sent into your spam folder, please make sure your inbox is set to receive messages from Bebalino.com.

Can I leave my stroller every night with the bell service instead of bringing it to my room?

No, please have your stroller with you when you return to your hotel room. The strollers must remain with you over night during your vacation.

Are the strollers cleaned between use?

Of course! Our partners make sure every piece of baby gear is thoroughly cleaned for every customer. If you notice otherwise, please contact us, and the owner as well.

Is the equipment new?

In terms of condition, our partner may offer: 1. Brand new, 2. New (up to 1 year) and 3. Used (1+ year old) equipment. Condition is clearly highlighted on each listing.

Can I extend my renting period?

Rental extensions need to be requested at least 24 hours before the pre-arranged pick up day and time. Equipment that is unable to be retrieved at the end of the rental term or in a timely fashion will result in a charge of additional rental day(s), according to the Terms of use

Can I place orders for items with different rental durations?

Unfortunately, we do not allow multiple durations on one order. Simply place separate orders for separate durations (start/end dates).

When does my rental begin and ends?

The rental starts the day you asked for the rental to begin. Let us give you an example! If your rental begins on a Monday for 1 week, it will end on Sunday. The email you receive with your rental will note the return date.